How we can help

We help organizations build, optimize, and scale their company culture. We partner with you to define and execute people strategies, communications, events, company-wide values, and employer brand.

Build and Amplify Your Culture

Reinforcing your vision, mission, and values is a crucial component of building the best workplaces. We will work with you to define and synthesize these cultural pillars, and embed them throughout key moments in the employee lifecycle. We believe the most effective way to scale your workplace culture is through the consistent actions and behaviors of your employees - and we can help.

  • Company mission / vision building and refinement

  • Core values / principles identification and development

  • Embedding mission / vision / values throughout the employee lifecycle


A strong internal communications strategy is essential to helping employees stay informed, connected, and inspired in the company vision and direction. We will help you identify the best channels, programs, and tactics to engage your employees and support your business objectives and goals.

  • Communications strategy

  • Employee engagement communications

  • Executive communications

  • Culture and business campaigns

  • Building communities

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workplace culture is highly conducive to business success. We will help you to evaluate your culture, processes, and structures to identify where there is opportunity to improve inclusion and to address spaces where inequity exists.

  • Develop DEI Strategy

  • Embed DEI Across the Employee Lifecycle

  • Affinity Group Creation

  • Develop DEI Recruiting Strategies

Diversity of thought and experience unlock creativity and potential. Here at Culture Compass we are committed to helping all voices and perspectives be heard.


Events represent a unique opportunity to build trust and form an emotional connection between your employees, leaders, and the company’s mission. They provide space for employees to come together, learn, and be inspired. We will help you define your strategy, and build and execute events that effectively bring your company’s vision to life.

  • All-hands / town-halls / fireside chats

  • Event strategy development

  • Engagement / celebratory events (holiday parties, family days)

  • Executive corporate events (e.g. shareholder meeting, board meetings)

  • Executive preparation

  • Culture / communities events (lunch and learns, company milestones, affinity groups, etc.)

Executive Coaching

Coaching provides a fresh perspective to a topic or challenge, and offers a sounding board for leaders. We support executive growth by helping to think through opportunities and issues that unlock business success and personal development.

  • Big team leadership

  • Career development coaching

  • Event preparation

  • How to be a good leader

People Strategy

Designing systems and structures that support business growth and employee enrichment is a core business imperative. We will partner with you to design proactive processes that reinforce your workplace culture and meet business and employee needs.

  • Succession planning

  • Retention

  • Performance management

  • Promotion process

  • Headcount planning

  • Internal transfers

  • Onboarding

Recruiting Process

Your workforce culture begins with your people. How you hire and the assessment standards you have in place set the tone for how you operate your business and meet customer needs. We will help you establish repeatable and consistent recruitment practices that elevate your hiring standards.

  • Recruiting processes

  • Interview assessment processes

  • "Bar Raiser" program

  • Referral programs

  • Employer brand - employer value proposition

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