Who we are

We get energy from helping people be at their best. Our mission is to help organizations build, optimize, and scale their company culture. Drawing from extensive experience in e-commerce, tech, retail, and manufacturing, we champion employee engagement and a connected workplace culture. Our shared experiences, cultivated during our tenure at Amazon, centers on empowering both employees and businesses for success.

Our team

Bryce Hanson

Co-Founder / Senior Consultant

Sinead O'Donoghue
Michelle Suttell

BRYCE HANSON (he/him) is an experienced global business leader who spent nearly 20 years at Amazon leading and delivering results with teams across the business and HR. Bryce particularly enjoys building durable workplace culture solutions that enable employees (and therefore companies) to be able to perform at their very best. Having conducted over 1,000 interviews, Bryce is passionate about hiring standards that result in the best hiring decisions. In addition to helping companies optimize their workplaces, Bryce also volunteers with local organizations that address food insecurity. Bryce lives in Seattle with his wife Katy and their two daughters. In his free time, Bryce loves to play guitar, ski, hike, ride his bicycle(s), and hang out with his dog Holly.

SINEAD O’DONOGHUE (she/her) is a strategic human resources leader with over 20 years global experience engaging with business leaders across a myriad of industries, most recently spending 13 years as a HR leader with Amazon. Sinead’s forte lies in enhancing business success through strategic organizational design, leadership coaching and employee engagement. A commitment to equity and inclusion underpin Sinead’s approach to supporting business leaders create workplaces that are successful, dynamic and rewarding. Originally from Ireland, Sinead now lives in Seattle with her family. Sinead is an active volunteer with organizations focused on addressing homelessness and a DIY enthusiast.

Co-Founder / Senior Consultant

Co-Founder / Senior Consultant

MICHELLE SUTTELL (she/her) is a strategic internal communications and corporate events leader with over 20 years’ experience working with category-leading brands including Expedia and Microsoft. Most recently Michelle spent 17 years with Amazon, building large-scale communication programs and events for internal and external audiences. From global company meetings to employee celebrations, Michelle is a detail-oriented professional who enjoys creating meaningful, unique, and memorable experiences. Michelle spends her free time supporting her two children and their various activities. She is also an avid traveler, a pop culture junkie, and likes being outdoors.

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